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By the Numbers: iPhone vs. Android

With the iPhone 6, Apple has yet again broken new sales records — and the two iPhone models aren’t even in stores until Friday. Such consumer loyalty and fanaticism spurs a lot of questions. Like, just how faithful are Apple users? Do other...


Conquer Motion Sickness This Summer

  Summer is the time to indulge your sense of adventure – unless the very thought of sunset cruises and roller coasters make you heave. If so, you’re not alone. 70 percent of people are susceptible to motion sickness, according to one study...


Get Fit at the County Fair

Ah, the summer fair. Strawberry funnel cakes, carnival games, pig races — and your next fitness inspiration? That’s right, certain old-fashioned games and bizarre contests found in festivals can provide a cardio and strength-training boost. And...

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