Top Viral Photos of 2011

With millions of images being shared on the Internet every day, it takes a certain measure of magic to become a viral hit. We always keep one finger on the Web pulse (more than a quarter of Facebook’s Most Shared Articles in 2011 came from Yahoo!), so now we bring you 10 photos that online users could not help but circulate this year, from a shuttle launch to a giant crocodile and a presidential gaffe. A couple of these photos even spawned their own memes, the highest honor in 2011 viral visuals.

Top Viral Photos of 2011

  1. Philippines’ giant crocodile
  2. Cyclops shark
  3. Vancouver riot kiss
  4. Atlantis shuttle launch
  5. Earthquake bride
  6. Bubble lake
  7. Pepper spray at UC Davis
  8. Lightning strikes Eiffel Tower
  9. President Obama waves
  10. Whale nearly swallows diver

Carla Thorpe is a photo editor at Yahoo!, where she works on news and entertainment events, including award shows, the Olympics, the Super Bowl, movie premieres, the royal wedding, and the anniversary of 9/11. Carla has previous written for Saturday Night Magazine, Total Film, and

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