Year In Review 2009


The hero quest is perhaps outrivaled only by the quest for heroes. Among the many stories that resonated on the Web in 2009, heroes ranged from the first black president to tea party patriots, from the jockey who rode in two historic horse races to the female policewomen who helped bring Jaycee Dugard home after


Thank you to the many who summed up their year in a 140 characters or less with #myyearyahoo. Some were so compelling—and reflected so much of what all of us were undergoing in 2009—that we had to dig behind the scenes a bit more in a post. So many continue to come in (and yes,


Did the country wake up on the morning of Nov. 5, 2008, to a post-racial America? The ascendence of the first black U.S. president, Barack Obama, had pundits talking up a supposedly color-blind electorate. Of course, that might have been optimistic, but Obama’s role as the country’s leader may have changed the tenor and topic


He may be Athlete of the Decade, but Tiger Woods’ off-course prowess is what has landed him the title of Most Searched Athlete of 2009 on Yahoo!. Before Thanksgiving, Woods barely made the top 20 list, which is about the same position he had in 2008. Then, his smashed Cadillac SUV turned out to be


Sweating in a T-shirt one day, then hibernating due to record snowfall the next. Blame it on the kid. The historic nor’easter snowstorm, wicked Southern cold, are all part of the weather pattern deemed El Niño (AKA the little boy or “Christ child,” a name given by fisherman). While he started off weak in 2009,


As if the media industry didn’t have enough problems already in 2009, many media hosts found their anchor seats a little heated these days. Some feuds did start with an innocent jibe, others were deliberately set, and a couple were of the pundits’ own making—and one started off with a big ban. Set the remote

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