Year In Review 2010

December 23, 2010Shortcuts to 2010

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Political car-in-a-ditch metaphors aside, describing 2010 as a year of starts, stops, and stalls reflects the fitful failures and progress in a tumultuous year. Diving into the Search stream, the Yahoo! Year in Review took 143 articles (this one makes 144) to look back — and still many more things could’ve been covered, from religious


The recession officially ended in June 2009, but it sure doesn’t feel that way for many Americans negotiating high unemployment, stagnant job growth, and a depressed real estate market. The greater sting for those struggling: Census data shows that the income gap between the rich and the poor is wider than ever. In this not-quite-recovery,


What qualifies as a head-turning moment? It’s… Eye-catching, like Lady Gaga’s avant garde ensembles or a blue-skinned population that emerges to celebrate a 3D movie. At times head-scratching, like, well, Lady Gaga’s avant garde ensembles, as well as like Bristol Palin’s determined run on “Dancing With the Stars,” or like a tentacled oracle with a

“Piranha 3D” wasn’t just a pointless exercise in unnecessary remakes; the summertime horror flick also gave sea-dwelling critters a bad name. Watching videos of surprised kitties and merengue-dancing dogs may have eaten up precious hours of our lives in 2010, but discoveries of curious deep-sea fish — plus a strangely prescient octopus — enraptured us

The Moment Tiger Woods's Ryder Cup Challenge Was Halted... By The Mail's Own Photographer

For the press and audiences alike, the BP oil spill stands out as the year’s biggest story. There was a lot of competition, as the Obama White House pushed through sweeping reforms that riled citizen groups and state governments. A sputtering economy had us stuck on many fronts, from finding a job to foreclosing on

Julian Assange Faces His Extradition Appeal At The High Court

He is an international man of mystery, but Julian Assange is under scrutiny not for his secrets but for those he has shared. His WikiLeaks frenzy caps a year of slip-ups, leaks, and missteps. For Assange, the big question is what charge he might face — although he has already suffered punitive payback for his

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