Year In Review 2013

December 11, 2013Top 10 News Stories of 2013

Runners continue to run towards the finish line as an explosion erupts at the finish line of the Boston Marathon

 After a bruising election campaign that took a good part of two years, America deserved a rest. The country didn’t get one, unless you count the government shutdown — which almost made the year’s ranking of the most-searched news stories on Yahoo. What did make our annual list reminds us what a raucous, exhausting 2013

Duck Dynasty Season 3

Video “omg! Insider” is counting down the top-searched obsessions of 2013 according to Yahoo!’s Year-In-Review Report. Number 4 on the list is “Fifty Shades of Grey,” followed by “The Walking Dead at number 3 and “Breaking Bad” at number 2. So what obsession ranked number 1 on the list? Check out the vid to find

December 9, 2013Mysteries solved


The year’s buzziest discoveries and hoaxes With the world’s knowledge at people’s beck and call, you’d think monsters and mermaids wouldn’t have much sway in the public imagination. Time and again, though, searches reveal people ardently seek out the mysteries of our universe and don’t always draw the line between science and fiction. Below, 10


How do you measure obsession? At Yahoo, we look at concepts that not only had big search averages, but accelerated fast up the search charts. In years past, we’ve had contentious figures (Tiger Mom), dance crazes (Gangnam Style) and the weirdly inexplicable (planking). How does 2013 measure up? Scroll down to see what preoccupied us


In today’s tech-drenched world of tweets, likes, upvotes and shares, a funny picture, meme or photobomb can go viral faster and further than ever before. Even so, it still takes a certain ‘it’ factor to make an impression and pique our human interest enough for us to hit the share button. Scroll down for a

Boyfriend Slaying

Courtroom junkies, 2013 was your year. High-profile cases stuffed dockets across the country and around the world. There were trials that tested Americans’ morals and values, judgments that ended political careers and celebrity cases that provided fodder for tabloids. FILE – This June 26, 2013 file photo shows Sandy Stier, center, and her partner Kris

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