A bite at the Green Apple

Much thanks to Green Apple Books and Music for hosting MIDNIGHT HOUR anthology authors Abby Vandiver, Track Clark, Jennifer Chow, Delia Pitts and David Weiden.

My first actual bookstore reading, albeit virtual: A bout of insomnia likely made me more hyper than usual — which, given my default energy level, borders on frenetic. Plus the other authors had to correct me when I said I was an “aspiring” author. Hah! Luckily, many who came were friends and former coworkers, so they’re used to my speed. In retrospect, would I book a reading on Thanksgiving week and compete with shopping of the delicious flesh of turkey corpses? Maybe in person.

Most unique reading: Weiden read the ending of his short story. Talk about a twist ending. Enjoy this video and check out other Green Apple Books author interview on its YouTube playlist. And if you haven’t purchased MIDNIGHT HOUR, support local bookstores (at least, this one in San Francisco), here: