‘Avengers’: Getting the right stuff

A&E sells 18 out of 24 episodes from the 1967 Diana Rigg-Patrick Macnee season. Each tape contains two episodes (800-542-4478 or www.originalavengers.com); one tape costs $ 12.95 and a set of three is $ 29.95. Online orders can net specials, such as volumes 1 and 2 for $ 59.95, plus a free T-shirt.

Order Patrick Macnee’s behind-the-scenes account and therapy confession “The Avengers and Me” (TV Books, $ 22) and Toby Miller’s “The Avengers” (British Film Institute, $ 19.95). A dictionary of sociological or film terms is highly recommended with the latter. The site also provides history, links and interviews.

A dizzying number of Web sites are devoted to the show. About 28,000 visitors have checked in with James Dawe, a doctoral student at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, for the last three years. The site weaves history, TV listings, photographs, sounds and links (www.ee.ualberta.ca/dawe); one link includes Chris Perry’s “The Avengers Ultimate Episode Guide.”

An elegantly illustrated guide to location shots can be viewed at www.kikgraphics.demon.co.uk/avengerland.html.

It also gives information on the latest annual Dead Man’s Treasure Hunt, where fans re-create the 1967 Peel-Steed scavenger hunt.

Aficionados can have Avengers every month of the year with the calendar, available through Scooters at www.classicengland.co.uk/calendar/index.htm.

Dave Rogers, who publishes the newsletter Stay Tuned (P.O. Box 45, Bilston, West Midlands, WV148DJ, England _ enclose an international reply coupon and self-addressed envelope), has published episode guides for the last 20 years.

_ Vera H-C Chan

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