Candidate Mitt Romney, government scandals, missing children: What’s spiking (April report)

April proved a political test for election-year candidates. In the GOP contest, one dropped out, and another trembles on the precipice. On the Democratic front, embarrassing agency scandals unearthed a party culture that resulted in a mass of congressional hearings and a game of musical chairs. In other news, the tragedy of missing children became a focus with developments in two cold cases. Here now, the stories that generated buzz across the Web.


Mitt Romney

Romney’s ascendancy

For those who like their politics shaken and not stirred, the run for the GOP presidential nomination has more than obliged. The race downsized from a dozen candidates to four (including the little-known California political consultant Fred Karger, whose campaign slogan was “Fred Who?”). Although former Sen.Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia took some rounds, Romney finally lived up to his title as the “presumptive” nominee and decisively added to his delegate count. Santorum conceded before the Pennsylvania primary, the weekend after his daughter Bella, who has received attention for her Trisomy 18 genetic disorder, had the second of two trips to the hospital emergency room.

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Gingrich declared he would stay until the convention, but April did not go smoothly for him, as he suffered staff turnover, a fight with Fox News, and even a nip from a penguin. He survived the cruelest month, but his exit comes any day now.

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Secret Service

Government scandals

You’d need a chart to keep up with the governmental gaffes that came to light this month. The General Services Administration’s housecleaning had already begun when the Office of Inspector General — designed to ensure “program integrity and promoting economy and efficiency in the Agency” — released his audit about a 2010 Nevada staff-building convention on April 2. Besides excessive spending, the investigation exposed how the Western regions were run like a fiefdom and resulted in bipartisan hearings of outrage. “What does it take to actually get fired from the GSA?” asked one Utah Republican about Jeff Neely, the regional commissioner on paid leave. The answer wouldn’t be coming from Neely, who took the Fifth (and sparked searches on Yahoo! once more on that amendment).

Just to keep things even more lively, a hallway argument at a Colombia hotel between an escort and a Secret Service agent resulted in international embarrassment, mass firings, arguments for an agency cleanup (and maybe hiring more female agents in the process), and, of course, more hearings. In an election year, does that mean bad things for candidate Obama? The latest polls haven’t shown much change — and the scandals did make for some good lines at a Saturday night dinner (except for those who weren’t invited).

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Missing child Etan Patz

Missing children

Etan Patz has been called the “first milk-carton child.” In an era of high publicized kidnappings — among them Adam Walsh, whose disappearance prompted his father to launch “America’s Most Wanted” — the campaign to find the missing 6-year-old New York boy prompted President Ronald Reagan to call May 25 National Missing Children’s Day and also spurred dairy companies to feature Patz on cartons. His cold case was reopened after 33 years, with uncertain results.

That was not the only cold case to emerge: Negotiations began to extradite Joran van der Sloot from Peru — where he has been convicted of the murder of Stephany Flores — to the United States, where he’s a suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Natalee Holloway. And tragically, the story of missing children remains in persistent headlines and online searches, from Sierra LaMar in California to Isabel Celis of Arizona.

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