“Glee”-ful Tidings and Most-Searched TV Shows

Throughout sitcom/dramedy history, the Christmas episode has been a mark of success and longevity: The stars are beloved enough to warble carols and to be forgiven for less-than-professional pipes.

Of course, since “Glee” has always been about the music, its holiday episode is practically a requirement for the sophomore series — as is plugging the Christmas album. Season 2, episode 10, airs December 7, and the show will go on winter break until the Super Bowl (that’s February 6, 2011, for non-sports fans). That may be too long for fans, who put the show at No. 4 for Yahoo!’s most searched TV shows of 2010 and who made “Glee” a top 10 obsession.

Reality shows dominated the TV show list. “American Idol,” at No. 1,  also made No. 9 in overall Top 10 Searches. The Bristol Palin factor helped make No. 2 a fan favorite (by the way, Jennifer Grey won), while “Big Brother” came in sixth place, followed by “Jersey Shore” (another obsession). Daytime soaps (“The Young and the Restless” and “Days of Our Lives”) garnered online followings, while daytime talker Oprah, in her last year, came in at No. 10. “Lost” ended its historic run, and drama “True Blood” was the sole cable representative.

Most Searched TV Shows of 2010 on Yahoo!

1. “American Idol
2. “Dancing With the Stars
3. “The Young and the Restless
4. “Glee
5. “Lost
6. “Big Brother
7. “Jersey Shore
8. “True Blood
9. “Days of Our Lives
10. “Oprah

–Senior Editor Vera H-C Chan is the editorial lead for Yahoo! Year in Review, and she is beat after 2010. Her writings can be found throughout Yahoo!, including her Shine blog Fast Talking Dame. Follow the Dame on Twitter.