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The FBI, after taking months to fill in Osama bin Laden’s slot in the Most Wanted list, may now have another slot to fill. Meanwhile, the first lady slot seems oddly empty as a Russian leader heads into a third presidency. Invaluable to have at hand: a great admin, and the time to recognize them comes very quickly. Appreciate what’s been trending online, below.


  • Kenneth Konias: The 22-year old fugitive on FBI’s Most Wanted list since February was arrested in Florida. He was “charged by Pittsburgh Police with criminal homicide, theft, and robbery, and by federal authorities with committing a Hobbs Act robbery and discharging a firearm in a crime of violence.”
  • Lyudmila Putin: Where is the wife of Vladimir Putin? Scuttlebutt blames many things, among them an affair with spy-turned-lingerie model Anna Chapman, an affair with former Olympic gold medalist and alleged baby mama Alina Kabayev, or Mrs. Putin’s rumored pregnancy at age 54. Meanwhile in lesser news, the prime minister announced today he would step down as party chairman of United Russia when he assumes the presidency on May 7. Conveniently, lame-duck president Dmitry Medvedev will take his post.
  • Administrative Professionals Day 2012: Some also call it Secretary’s Day 2012, and the 60th anniversary of recognizing support staff comes Wednesday, April 25. Please don’t make your assistants buy their own gifts—unless it’s really, really really good..


  • Natalee Holloway: Peru has approved the first step in extraditing Joran van der Sloot, the suspect in the Alabama teen’s 2005 disappearance, to face criminal extortion charges and wire fraud in the Holloway case. He is in jail for the murder of Stephany Flores in 2010.
  • Isaac Arzate: Teachers announced the death of 12-year-old Oregon boy, who died of a heart attack at Little League practice Friday night. Doctors had said he could play sports after surviving a January heart attack during basketball practice.
  • North Korea: South Korea is on alert after the north’s military accused the government and media of slander Monday and warned it would render ‘ratlike groups’ to ash “by unprecedented peculiar means.”
  • Jon Huntsman: The former presidential candidate who served as ambassador to Singapore, Indonesia, and China, has been disenchanted with the GOP. He caught a lot of attention when he seemingly compared the GOP to communist China in his comment, “this is what they do in China on party matters if you talk off script.” Huntsman was referring to being disinvited to the Republican fundraiser when he called for a third-party presidential candidate to enter the race.
  • Heart Attack Grill: Owner Jon Basso sent his good wishes to a customer who collapsed Saturday when she was drinking margaritas and smoking. The Las Vegas restaurant known for its caloric excess, “attracts people who don’t really take good care of their health,” Basso said.
  • Kidney Donor Fired: Debbie Stevens, a 47-year-old divorced mother of two, donated her organ to a national pool but now wants it back. The Long Island woman filed a formal complaint with the New York State Human Rights Commission last Friday, claiming her boss, Jackie Brucia, “used her for her kidney then fired her.”


  • White Orca: Scientists traveling off the eastern coast of Russia filmed what might be the first all-white orca whale in the wild.
  • Armored Catfish: The species may be eroding South Florida’s lakes and burrowing coastal potholes that people trip over.


  • Debtors Prison: Illinois lawmakers want to pass a bill to make it harder to jail for debt, given stories like the one of breast cancer survivor Lisa Lindsay. She was told not to pay $280 medical bill, but a collection agency processed the claim and state troopers took her to jail in handcuffs. The teaching assistant ending up paying $600, including legal fees
  • DCWG: The FBI is warning that hundreds of thousands of individuals could lose access to the internet come July 9 unless they disinfect and remove the malware trojan DNS Changer off their computers. The DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG) has created a website that allows you to check if your computer is infected and, if it is, remove the DNSChanger malware.
  • 400-Year-Old Diamond: The Beau Sancy should fetch about $4 million in an upcoming Sotheby’s auction.
  • Apple Earnings: Several reports predicted a weaker-than-expected quarter for Apple’s iPhone sales, but the tech giant announced earnings well above predictions.
  • Social Security Fund: The assets are expected to be exhausted in 2033, according to the latest Social Security Board of Trustees’ annual report. Without changes, revenue will only cover about 75% of promised benefits.



  • Kurt Cobain: A new documentary about Hole drummer Patty Schemel includes footage of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, and their daughter Frances Bean. The clip features the twosome singing a duet called “Stinking of You.”
  • Marilu Henner: The actress is one of a dozen people in the world with hyperthymesia, Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, which lets her remember specific details from almost every day of her life. She’s out with a new book, “Total Memory Makeover.” In case you don’t remember her, her biggest role was on the TV show “Taxi,” with co-stars Danny DeVito, Tony Danza, Judd Hirsch, Christopher Lloyd, Andy Kauffman, and the late Jeff Conway.
  • Jon Lovitz on Obama: The former SNL actor Lovitz shared his foul-mouthed thoughts on the president in a podcast, The ABCs of SNL.
  • Luke Askew: The actor who appeared in “Cool Hand Luke” and “Big Love” died of lung cancer at age 80.
  • Chaz Bono: Chaz Bono received two GLAAD awards: outstanding documentary prize for “Becoming Chaz,” and the Stephen F. Kolzak Award at the 23rd annual Media Awards for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.
  • Deion and Pilar Sanders: The divorce proceedings are getting worse for the couple: Monday night Pilar was arrested on charges of domestic violence after she and a friend began “kicking, biting, and scratching” Deion in front of his kids. Deion tweeted a picture of him and his sons filling out a police report: “filling out police reports now! Thank God for this platform to issue the Truth.” Related searches: deiondra sanders
  • Katy Perry: The popstar excised all scenes with ex-husband Russell Brand in her upcoming 3D documentary, “Part of Me.” Katy has said that she wants to keep her career an open book but her private life private.
  • Nicole Kidman Paperboy: Kidman is getting lots of buzz for her upcoming role in director Lee Daniels’ steamy “The Paperboy,” his follow-up to the Oscar-nominated “Precious.”


  • Roger Clemens: The former pitch star’s attorney opened his defense, telling jurors that evidence of steroid use was manipulated by his former strength coach, Brian McNamee.
  • Jerica Logue: Kentucky basketball forward Terrence Jones brought flowers to Louisville cheerleader Jerica Logue to apologize for running into her during a Final Four game three weeks ago. Logue received stitches for a head wound.
  • Brandon Jacobs: 49er running back Brandon Jacobs was among a group participating in “Death Race 2012,” the controversial 30-car caravan that got a police escort to Atlantic City, N.J. on March 30 at speeds of up to 110 mph. Two New Jersey state troopers have since been suspended without pay.
  • New Jersey Nets: Fans bid farewell after the team played its last game at Prudential Center Monday night against the Philadelphia 76ers. The team moves to a new Brooklyn arena and will call itself the Brooklyn Nets.
  • Chris Christie: New Jersey governor Chris Christie gave a typical Jersey farewell: “If you don’t want to stay, we don’t want you. Seriously, I’m not going to be in the business of begging people to stay here. That’s one of the most beautiful arenas in … one of the country’s most vibrant cities. They want to leave here and go to Brooklyn? Good riddance. See you later.”
  • Ivan Rodriguez: The Texas ranger retired Monday, saying, “It’s a very hard day for me. It’s been a great run. … It’s been beautiful.”
  • Saints FBI Probe: What more? A joint Louisiana state police and FBI task force is investigating allegations that the New Orleans football team wired general manager Mickey Loomis’ Superdome booth so he could eavesdrop on opposing coaches.


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