Weezer fans angry over MTV’s lyric omissions

MTV hands out awards like marshmallows to Eminem, but start warbling about the evil weed and you’re blurred out. The cable network has excised lyrics from the band Weezer’s “Hash Pipe” (or “H*** Pipe” if you read the video’s credits), currently in the No 2 spot on MTV’s Total Request Live. That whole storyline of a burnt-out drag queen hustling on Santa Monica Boulevard isn’t disturbing, but, says an MTV spokesperson, the network “does not condone or advocate illegal drug use. In fact, any drug references that we feel are gratuitous are dropped from songs and videos.”

The cut left irate Weezer fans with plenty to say in Internet chatrooms and message boards. “It’s really sad that hash’ is censored,” wrote one on “Every other video on MTV has blatant references to prostitution, rape, killing and beating (usually girlfriends and wives). I’m not saying that MTV should censor any of that, but it’s a little hypocritical.”

Asked another chat-room fan: “So does editing Hash Pipe’ mean that McDonalds will have to change their hash browns to H*** Browns’?”

Weezer is currently touring in Europe, and a spokesperson at label Interscope had no comment.

AS THE BIG APPLE TURNS: A new word might have to be coined to described the unraveling travails known as New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and television personality Donna Hanover’s divorce. Sorditry comes to mind. Their trials have irritated even the presiding judge, who has assigned a lawyer to represent the interests of the children, Andrew, 15, and, Caroline, 11. “I need to move the case forward in some way,” said Acting Justice Judith J. Gische of New York State Supreme Court in Lower Manhattan. Mouthpiece and Giuliani lawyer, Raoul Felder, said that Giuliani was disappointed. “He said he can’t understand why responsible people just can’t sit down and work out their problems,” Felder said at courthouse steps, without fear of lightning striking him down.

Later that day, the Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court supported an earlier order by Gische barring girlfriend Judith Nathan from Gracie Mansion, where the wife and children still stay. The court also said that Giuliani could now move forward with an expedited appeal if desired. The latest development in the case, Anonymous vs. Anonymous (we kid you not), according to the New York Daily News, is Hanover’s flat rejection of joint custody. Bickering husband and wife are scheduled to be deposed in the next two months.

BET AWARDS: Hip-hop group OutKast was a double winner and Whitney Houston was honored with a lifetime achievement award at the first BET Awards Tuesday evening.

OutKast was named best male group and won video of the year for “Ms. Jackson” during the 2 1/2-hour event billed as where “black star power explodes.”

In a tribute to Houston, Christina Aguilera and Luther Vandross performed two of Houston’s songs before she came on stage to a standing ovation. The 37-year-old singer-actress sang two songs, then her mother, Cissy Houston, and her young daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, presented her award.

The crowd stood again as Houston accepted the honor, singing and shouting: “I’m every woman! I’m a survivor.” “The best is yet to come.”

Other performers included OutKast; Destiny’s Child, who won best female group; Lil’ Bow Wow, winner of the viewer’s choice award; Snoop Dogg; Usher; Sisqo; Jay Z and hip-hop artist winner Eve.

ABSENT FOR CLASS: Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Joseph J. Ellis, who made false claims in classes and interviews that he served in Vietnam, will give up the American culture course he teaches at Mount Holyoke College. College spokesman Kevin McCaffrey said Tuesday that Ellis, 57, chose to give up the class. In a brief statement, Mount Holyoke President Joanne V. Creighton expressed regret about Ellis’ misrepresentation, but stopped short of criticizing him. She did not say whether Ellis would be disciplined for the deceptions. Ellis apologized for the Vietnam misrepresentations after The Boston Globe disclosed Monday that he had falsely claimed to have served in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Division. He also had claimed in interviews that his experience in Vietnam motivated him to join the anti-war movement.

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