Bullock goes uninjured after plane crash-lands

Actress Sandra Bullock escaped injury when a jet she was riding in missed the runway and crashed at a Jackson Hole, Wyo., airport early Wednesday.

Bullock was one of four people, including two crew members, aboard the twin-engine Hawker corporate jet owned by RR Investments of Texas, airport Manager George Larson said.

None of the occupants was injured in the crash-landing, which occurred near 1 a.m.

The accident sheared off the main nose landing gear, nearly sheared off the left wing, badly damaged the right wing and landing gear under it and caused extensive damage to the plane’s nose, he said.

Officials said they didn’t know why the pilot, Richard Charles Campbell of Fort Worth, Texas, missed the runway.

WE’VE HEARD OF HANDS ACROSS THE WATER, BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS: President Clinton, who split a London pub Dec. 14 without paying the tab, has been exonerated by the U.S. Embassy, which forwarded a $36.17 check to cover it.

While on a visit to the British Isles last week, the prez scarfed down lunch prawns, smoked trout and pecan nut pat and half a pint of Pitfield’s Organic Lager at Notting Hill’s Portobello Gold pub with his entourage and even paid his compliments to the chef. This was after indulging in tea at Buckingham Palace with Queen Elizabeth.

Pub owner Michael Bell was not amused at being stiffed.

“They bloody well did not pay the bill,” he told the Daily Mirror. “But I have got the address of someone in America I can send the bill to. I wouldn’t quite say (Clinton) did a runner. I just don’t think it occurred to him to pay.”

Embassy aides were dispatched to the pub to get a copy of Clinton’s receipt the day after he ate there.

FAKE TIGER IN THE TANK? Tiger Woods was the opening witness in an identity theft trial Monday against Sacramento resident Anthony Lemar Taylor. Prosecutors have charged Taylor with six counts of felony identity theft and perjury. They claim Taylor used Woods’ real name and Social Security number to apply for credit cards that he obtained with a fake driver’s license.

Woods testified that he didn’t do a lot of things that were down in his name he never rented a truck in Sacramento, didn’t put $100 down on a used luxury car, didn’t rent the Roseville storage locker found stuffed with televisions, videocassette recorders, furniture and other items and, most of all, didn’t give Taylor permission to charge $17,000 on his credit cards.

Part of the defense strategy relies on the perspicacity of store clerks.

“Does he just walk into Circuit City?” said defense attorney James Greiner. “What they’re saying is Anthony Taylor, my client, walks in and says, Hey, I’m Eldrick Tiger Woods.'”

During the trial, the golfer went for levity during the questioning. When Deputy District Attorney Nicolle Liem asked about the used luxury car, Woods inquired, “Sure it’s not a Buick?” His endorsement agent must be so proud. As for all those items in his name, the 24-year-old said he usually pays cash plus doesn’t care for the consumer life. “I hate shopping. I have never liked it. I don’t like picking out things. I’d rather go play (golf),” Woods said. The trial is expected to last until the middle of next month.

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