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We’re sad to report that two big San Francisco concerts that were never really officially announced in the first place have been postponed.

The two shows had been quietly planned by rockers Rage Against the Machine for Thursday and Friday nights at the Fillmore apparently with the idea of having the performances recorded for a DVD or album to be released later this year. Tickets never officially went on sale for the shows, though news accounts and word of mouth created a ton of buzz surrounding the shows.

The shows will be rescheduled, reports, the online music news service. However, no new dates have been announced. The postponement follows the news that Rage Against the Machine and Beastie Boys have canceled their blockbuster concert tour due to a bicycling injury suffered by Beastie Boys member Mike D, aka Michael Diamond. The 34-year-old dislocated his shoulder while riding home after a rehearsal, a band statement said. Diamond is to receive surgery later this week and is expected to be out of action for two to three months.

THAT O.J. FUNNY LIKE A PLAGUE: During a stop at the Fox News Channel Tuesday, O.J. Simpson cracked off-camera jokes about the Concorde plane crash, reports the New York Post. While being miked before an appearance on the channel, the former NFL star laughingly recalled how he once got into trouble as a broadcaster when he remarked, “These quarterbacks are dropping like DC-10s.” He added, referring to four people inside the Paris hotel who were killed by the Concorde crash, “You know your ticket is up when you’re run over by an airplane in a restaurant.”

HEY, THAT’S ME, BUT THAT’S NOT ME: Here’s a tricky one: Your ex-boyfriend and the father of your child sings about a promiscuous woman who has three children by three men, was beaten by a drug-dealing boyfriend and “had no money and no clue.” What do you do?

If you’re Kelley Russell, you sue rap-rocker Kid Rock over the song “Black Chic, White Guy,” from his 1998 album. She says the rapper lied about her in a song and damaged her reputation with “several graphic, inflammatory, untrue, hurtful remarks.”

Rock’s lawyers say the song tells the truth and couldn’t have damaged Russell’s reputation, because she’s not named in the song.

The lawsuit also names Atlantic Records and Spin and Rolling Stone magazines, which wrote about Rock and Russell’s relationship.

LET MY PEOPLE ACT: Lisa Gay Hamilton is trying to escape a typecasting problem. Hamilton, who plays lawyer Rebecca Washington on ABC’s “The Practice,” has appeared as a slave in a lot of productions, including the 1998 movie “Beloved,” Showtime’s “A House Divided” and the 1999 off-Broadway production, “Angelique.” The former Obie award-winner got yet another offer to slave away in a New York theater production this summer.

“I said, Look, I am not Miss Jane Pittman, OK?’ ” Hamilton told TV Guide. “I can’t play every slave woman ever written! I love my people, I love my history. But can we do some contemporary something?” The Juilliard graduate, though, didn’t think she’d be a television or movie star. “I never thought I would be able to do it,” she said. “Not because I wasn’t capable. But I’m a short black girl. I’m not mulatto. I’m not exotic.”

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