You, too, can own a piece of the “Nash Bridges” set

If you’re tired of circling the carcasses of expired dot-coms and have more than enough Aeron chairs, here’s a chance for some kitsch feng shui. CBS’s “Nash Bridges” is closing shop with a blowout sale at Treasure Island this weekend. Nothing is held back, not the 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda (82,588 miles), not the jet plane interior, not Marin Cheech’s fifth-wheel trailer dressing room, not the Chrysler cotton candy carnival van. Harvey Clars Estate Auction Gallery of Oakland will be pounding the hammer starting at 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday in the sound stage hangar, 440 California Ave., Treasure Island, San Francisco.

Because the criminal element and gleeful show detractors might want to pull a fast one, the auctioneers want a refundable $200 cash deposit up front before people even get their paws on a bidding card, and they’ll only take cash or cashier’s checks for the cars. Previews are 1-6 p.m. Friday and an hour before the sales in the large sound-stage. In the gallery Web site president Redge Martin says usually props from major television series get sold back to Hollywood prop companies and not the teeming masses.

EXIT STAGE SOUTH, ENTER STAGE NORTH: Marin Theatre Company artistic director Lee Sankowich will replace David Hay as artistic director of Walnut Creek’s Center Repertory Company in the 2002-03 season. Sankowich, who will retain his Marin post as well as the new Walnut Creek job, will work with Hay during the 2001-02 season, to make a smooth transition to the new leadership, Center Rep officials said.

Hay has decided to leave the Center Rep job so he can spend more time with his family in San Diego. Since becoming artistic director of the Walnut Creek company, Hay has commuted between the two cities. Sankowich, who has been artistic director at Marin for 11 years, is a native of San Francisco, and a graduate of Lowell High School and San Francisco State University. His appointment was announced by Walnut Creek Mayor Kathy Hicks.

JEDIS OF JURISPRUDENCE STRIKE AGAIN: A light saber is no match against the mighty subpoena. Medical instruments maker Minrad Inc. has incurred the wrath of George Lucas’ legal force in the form of a federal trademark infringement suit. The Buffalo, N.Y., company wants to call its collection of surgical products that can be guided by an energy beam the “Light Saber,” but that’s the trademarked name of the Jedi weapons. Lucasfilm’s suit, filed Tuesday in US District Court in San Francisco, claims that consumers might think the filmmakers somehow sponsor the medical instruments and “any deficiencies or faults in the quality of defendant’s goods are likely to reflect negatively upon, tarnish and seriously injure the reputation which Lucasfilm has established for goods and services marketed under its Light Saber mark. This confusion is likely to result in loss of revenues to Lucasfilm and damage to its reputation.”

Vigilant barristers have long patrolled the “Star Wars” merchandising universe. Victims of cease-and-desist orders ranged from the mighty (book publishers) to the minuscule (fan sites) to musicians (2 Live Crew rapper Luther Campbell who called himself Luke Skyywalker). Lucas even tried to match his illusory defense system with then-president Reagan’s fantasy defense system when he demanded an injunction to stop two citizen groups from referring to the Strategic Defense Initiative as “Star Wars.”

SORRY, WRONG NUMBER: Why is it always funny when a psychic telephone hotline gets sued? Because Attorney General Jay Nixon of Missouri gets to say things such as “Miss Cleo should have seen this coming,” and “It doesn’t take a crystal ball to realize that ripping off consumers isn’t without consequences.” Nixon filed two suits Tuesday against Access Resources Services Inc., a Florida company best known for promoting the tarot psychic readings of Miss Cleo with the questionable Caribbean accent. The claims include charging customers for time spent on hold (that warrants a death penalty) and dead people receiving bills (hey, if you can see them, you can charge them), as did minors who didn’t have parental consent. The Access lawyer made the brilliant defense saying the company has safeguards against that, and only minors who lie can get through to the psychic. Prosecution rests.

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Movie contract signed: For Eminem. The Detroit rapper Marshall Mathers III will star in a drama loosely based on his life. Curtis Hanson (“L.A. Confidential) will direct.

Hospital stay shortened: For Katharine Hepburn. The actress, who has been in a US hospital undergoing treatment for an infection, has made progress and may be released Thursday or Friday instead of after the weekend.

Birthdays: Movie director Blake Edwards (79), actor James Best (75), singer Dobie Gray (61), actress-singer Darlene Love (60), rock star Mick Jagger (58), movie director Peter Hyams (58), actress Susan George (51), actor Kevin Spacey (42), rock singer Gary Cherone (40), actress Sandra Bullock (37), actor Jeremy Piven (36), actress Kate Beckinsale (28).