Who wants to divorce a millionaire? Darva!

Darva Conger walked out of a Las Vegas courtroom a single woman again Wednesday after a judge officially annulled her made-for-TV marriage to millionaire real estate tycoon-funny guy Rick Rockwell.

Family Court Judge Steven E. Jones granted Conger’s annulment request after she testified that she was not told about the groom’s background before the televised wedding.

Despite smash ratings, Fox canceled a rebroadcast of the show after it was disclosed that a former fiancee obtained a restraining order against Rockwell in 1991. She claimed he hit and threatened her. He denies it.

“So relieved,” Conger said after the annulment hearing. “I have to learn from this and move on.” She added that she never plans to talk to Rockwell again.

Conger said she still was not used to all the media attention, but when a reporter asked her if she planned on marrying again, she quipped: “Is that a proposal?”

Rockwell did not appear in court Wednesday, and no lawyer appeared for him, but the always-good-for-a-derisive-laugh guy did issue a statement: “I’m kind of disappointed that the annulment is final because for a while, I was the only man in the world who could meet a woman and tell her my wife doesn’t understand and we’re splitting up, and she would actually believe it.” Bu-dum-bum.

BRA ADS, YES; MARRIAGE, NO AH, THE LIFE OF A LIBERATED RUSSIAN TEEN-AGER: A British campaign ad will plaster American billboards with photos of 18-year-old tennis star Anna Kournikova in her Berlei Shock Absorber bra. The slogan: “Only the ball should bounce.” Kournikova spouts the party line pretty well, too: “Knowing that I’m wearing the best sports equipment allows me to concentrate and focus on my game … My bra is invaluable to me.” The perky player has a seven-year contract with Berlei, so billboard watchers should look out for more mammarian puns.

Kournikova’s bra is apparently closer to her heart than Florida Panthers player Pavel Bure. She has soundly squelched the British tabloid-fueled reports of their engagement in her official Athletes Direct Web site (via the convoluted

leaders/K/Anna-Kournikova.HTM). “You know that I don’t like to talk about my private life, but this time the rumors have gone too far,” she writes. “I never said I was engaged or was planning to get married, because I have no such plans. It is hard for me to understand that some people believe everything they see in the media, and I should have said something sooner. Any time that I have news, I will be the one to let you know.”

THE $2 MILLION KID: Haley Joel Osment must see accountants, investment brokers and really, really good agents. The young Oscar nominee for “The Sixth Sense” reportedly picks up $2 million for starring in “A.I.,” the artificial-intelligence project thought up by the late Stanley Kubrick and now directed by Steven Spielberg. That’s double the $1 million check for “Pay It Forward,” also starring Helen Hunt and Kevin Spacey. There better be a pudgy college fund growing there, young man.

Speaking of six, talk about six degrees of Harry Potter. In the twist-o’-irony department, Osment really wanted to be in the film version of author J.K. Rowling’s best seller about a young sorcerer, but the casting agent wanted to go for British blood. Spielberg passed on directing that children’s film in favor of the Kubrick concept.

TENDER LOVING CARE? FORGET IT, WHERE’S THE RING?: With all that loving going outside the group, no wonder there’s not much to spare among the TLC girls. The New York Post reports that Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins will marry gangsta rapper Mack 10, the father of her unborn child, on Aug. 19 in Los Angeles. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, in the meantime, was spied shopping for diamond rings with her boyfriend, model Sean Newman, at Tiffany’s in London last week. The third member, Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, still shares parental duties (over 2-year-old Tron) but not a marriage certificate with TLC producer Dallas Austin.

Spokesman Matt Shelton confirmed the rumors and issued the daily denial that the trio is about to break up. “TLC is adamant that they’re still staying together,” he insisted. “But they’re on hiatus right now. Lisa’s putting out her own album, and Chilli is doing a song with 98 Degrees.”

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“Mame” co-produced: By Barbra Streisand. The actress-signer is working on the Broadway musical’s TV version, but has not said if she would star. A source close to Streisand told the TV Guide that, “Barbra is dying to play Mame’ and is determined to get a script that suits her, even if she has to rewrite it herself.”

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