Recruit Gets the Boot for a Tattooed Salute

In a week when the president committed to sending more troops to Afghanistan, the Post-Gazette reports that a U.S. Air Force recruit may have been taken out of service for her tattoo.

According to the Pittsburgh paper, 19-year-old Kayla Bresnan passed all her exams and qualified in every way. But, the day before heading to basic training, an official objected to the 3-inch tattoo on her “saluting arm.” Turns out the U.S. Air Force decided on Nov. 25 that any ink below the right elbow didn’t fit a military professional image of the men and women who take to the skies.

Bresnan might still have a chance, thanks to a 30-day grace period. Squadron commanders can review tattoos on a “case-by-case basis.” Sounds like an interesting use of their time. The offending tat by the way: the mask symbolizing Greek theatrical comedy.

Tattoos have become pretty mainstream these days: Tattoo-related searches on Yahoo! got a big boost in 2009.

Top 2009 Tattoo Searches on Yahoo!

  1. Star Tattoos
  2. Tribal Tattoos
  3. Cross Tattoos
  4. Flower Tattoos
  5. Butterfly Tattoos
  6. Heart Tattoos
  7. Miami Ink Tattoos
  8. Skull Tattoos
  9. Dragon Tattoos
  10. Rose Tattoos

Not much for the US Air Force symbol, but might make a good tat. Just keep it under your sleeve. Up high.

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