Standout quotes of 2013

Yousafzai made world headlines when she was shot in the head by the Taliban last year for demanding education for girls, and she’s been in international headlines throughout 2013. She spoke at the United Nations on her 16th birthday, confidently calling for all children to be educated and pushing for women’s rights in the Middle East and around the world. (Reuters/Yahoo News)
The three women Ariel Castro had kidnapped and held hostage were freed after Berry was able to escape and call the police. Castro committed suicide in prison. He had been sentenced to more than 1,000 years for kidnapping and raping the women. (Yahoo News/AP)
Te’o’s fake girlfriend scandal made national news and captured the country’s curiosity as the bizarre story unfolded of a fan who used an acquaintance’s Facebook photos to lure the athlete into a publicly embarrassing hoax. (Yahoo News/AP)


Loosely translated, the quote means, “We have Pope Francis” in Latin. The @Pontifex Twitter account had been deactivated since Benedict resigned the papacy. (Yahoo News/AP)


He said that at the time, he “believed it was going to help people, not hurt people.” Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison and is now asking for a pardon from President Barack Obama. (Yahoo News/AP)


Mason was fired after a tough fourth quarter in which the company lost 12 cents per share, when Wall Street expected only a 2-cent drop. “I’m OK with having failed at this part of the journey,” he wrote in his memo to the “People of Groupon.” (Yahoo News/AP)


After years of denying allegations he used doping to help fuel his Tour de France victories, Armstrong came forward with the truth about using performance-enhancing drugs, saying he had gotten swept up with his own success. (Yahoo News/AP)


Allegations that the U.S. had been monitoring Merkel’s cellphone angered the international community and raised questions about what level of spying was being used on allies. (Yahoo News/AP)


Some say he was cracking a joke, but with other people talking at the same time, the court reporter didn’t catch the rest of his sentence. (Yahoo News/AP)


The actress dedicated her Teen Choice award to Cory Monteith, her boyfriend and co-star, after his death from a heroin and alcohol overdose. (Yahoo News/AP)