The Times has been awarded second place in a competition sponsored by the New York-based South Asian Journalist Association.

The staff was recognized for “Passages from India,” a series of stories on the cultural, artistic and political life of Indians and other South Asians in the Bay Area. The series ran in the TimeOut section May 23-25, 1999.

The Times was recognized in the category of outstanding special project on South Asia or South Asians in North America.

First prize went to the Philadelphia Inquirer, for a series on polio in India. The Wall Street Journal received the third place award.

Those who worked on the “Passages from India” series included reporters Anita Amirrezvani, Lynn Carey, Vera H-C Chan, William Friar and Karen Hershenson; photographer Gregory Urquiaga; editor Randy McMullen; designer Jennifer Schaefer; and copy editor Lindsey Pannell.