By the Numbers: Christmas Tree Buying Trends According to Yahoo and Square

O Christmas tree, where should I buy thee? According to Square’s 2013 data, the crush is on now: The second weekend in December ranks as the busiest for holiday shoppers at tree farms and markets.


We went a little deeper into Christmas tree trends by looking at Yahoo Search data since Thanksgiving. That yielded a couple of interesting, and random, factoids:


Awww, Charlie Brown.


Tree farm searches are likely outpacing retail outlets because most people know where their local Walmart is. But it’s still nice to know a lot of people want to get their tannenbaum fresh. In fact, if searches are any indication, more people might be pulling out the ax than in years past.




Searches for “how to keep christmas tree fresh” or “christmas tree water solution” pick up in December, too, but not everyone wants to deal with sweeping up needles. They prefer those leaves so unchanging, as the song goes:


Real or fake, people have been studiously looking up photos of fab Xmas trees and getting inspiration from “martha stewart christmas trees” and the like. Most importantly, the tree has to look good from top to bottom.


Other queries: “how to put ribbon on a christmas tree,” “how to put lights on a christmas tree,” and “how to decorate a christmas tree with mesh.”

By the way, Square has some numbers for this year: So far the season’s arboreal bargain is the Douglas fir, averaging about $39. The priciest tree this holiday season? The noble fir averages about $67. You may have to take an ax to your piggy bank.

A shout-out to for some fun holiday templates.