Two Edgar 2022 short-story noms for MIDNIGHT HOUR

The Edgars, named after American author Edgar Allan Poe, count amongst the most illustrious awards in the mystery genre. This year, no less than two short stories from MIDNIGHT HOUR made the cut for Best Short Story. This is extraordinary for a couple reasons: Tracy Clark, whose story LUCKY THIRTEEN starts off the anthology with a grim bang, never wrote a short story before this effort. Indeed, in our author panels, Clark talked about the anguish of writing short. Meanwhile, V.M. Burns delightful story THE VERMEER CONSPIRACY is in the cozy realm: Valerie, in her blog, expresses her disbelief about the honor:

Imagine my surprise when I got to the nominees for Best Short Story and saw, “The Vermeer Conspiracy.” WHAT? The Vermeer Conspiracy was the name of the short story I’d written for Midnight Hour: A Chilling Anthology of Crime Fiction by 20 Authors of Color. But it couldn’t be my story. The Edgars is a very serious organization, and I don’t write serious. Yes, I write crime fiction, but I write cozies. Surely, two people didn’t come up with the same title. I scanned the list for the author’s name and saw, V. M. Burns. My first thought was, “That’s me. I’m V. M. Burns.” Still, I couldn’t believe my eyes. That’s when the congratulatory emails/Facebook posts started to roll in. 

Happy Birthday, Edgar Allen Poe! Jan. 23, 2022, V.M. Burns Mystery Writer

Winners will be announced at a real live banquet on April 28, 2022. Below, the table of nominees. Congratulations!

2022Best Short StoryBlindsidedMichael Bracken & James A. HearnAlfred Hitchcock Mystery MagazineIssue: September-October 2021
2022Best Short StoryThe Vermeer ConspiracyV.M. BurnsCrooked Lane BooksMidnight Hour Anthology
2022Best Short StoryLucky ThirteenTracy ClarkCrooked Lane BooksMidnight Hour Anthology
2022Best Short StoryThe Road to HanaR.T. LawtonAlfred Hitchcock Mystery MagazineIssue: May-June 2021
2022Best Short StoryThe Locked Room LibraryGigi PandianEllery Queen Mystery MagazineIssue – July-August 2021
2022Best Short StoryThe Dark OblivionCornell WoolrichEllery Queen Mystery MagazineIssue: January-February 2021
2022Best Short StoryAggie Morton Mystery Queen: The Dead Man in the GardenMarthe JocelynPenguin Random House Canada – Tundra Books