Video: Inspiring Moments of 2010

A solar eclipse. An underdog’s win at the Super Bowl. A soldier’s homecoming. These and other inspiring moments of 2010 stood out all the more in the drumbeat of bad news. From sports, which yielded more than its fair share of spectacular victories, to the bittersweet news of the last American troops leaving Baghdad, the year was dazzling. Perhaps the most heartening moment: when the world came together to cheer on 33 miners who returned from being buried alive.

One Eskimo, the band that sings the song “Amazing” in this video, has been inspired too. The band is holding a contest on most inspiring images, with an iPad for the winner. If you want to give it a shot, email a photo of what has inspired you to Check here for the rules.

–Vera H-C Chan

Yahoo! Year in Review editorial lead for four years running, Senior Editor Vera H-C Chan dissects news events and search trends to share the why behind what’s hot on the Web.

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