No. 3: WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment fights may be staged, but there’s nothing fake about its No. 3 search position. WWE fighters love the drama, and fans love to search for the faceoffs, players, and divas, plus all those auxiliary games. The older generation also mourned the passing of Captain Lou Albano, dubbed the “godfather of wrestling.”

But not all the drama happened in the ring: CEO Linda McMahon (married to Chairman Vince McMahon) recently resigned her position in order to run as a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Connecticut. No doubt she’ll be well-prepared for the fight of her life. That’s not the only thing in the works: The family-friendly operation is setting its sights on the PG-rated set. WWE’s 2010 goal is to expand its audience to a younger crowd. Its new tag-team partner? Mattel. That pairing should soften up smackdowns. CZ