Yuletide eats across America


Prime rib’s a Christmas favorite

Ho ho yum, what’s on your Yuletide table?

The turkey may be the culinary centerpiece for Thanksgiving, but Christmas entree options are broader. A Dickensian-style Christmas goose? Ham, with all its trimmings? A nicely steamed crustacean?

Judging from recipe searches on Yahoo!, Americans have been slicing into prime rib: That roast beef slab has led prep searches — that is, lookups on Dec. 24 — in the past three years. In 2012, people have been seeking tips for “prime rib au jus recipe,” “boneless prime rib recipes, “lawry’s prime rib recipe” and “prime rib rub recipe.”

Ham seems to have had a bit of a renaissance, at least among procrastinators: Those queries have tied with prime rib, with searches for “brown sugar ham glaze recipe” (+72%), “honey baked ham glaze recipe (+584%), “christmas ham recipes” (+12%), and “slow cooker hame recipes” (+46%). Other last-minute recipe searches checked on how-tos for turkey, lasagna, meatloaf, chicken, pork tenderloin, shrimp, salmon, and Cornish game hen.

Hands down, the standby sides remain sweet potatoes, sausage balls, green bean casserole, and deviled eggs. Brussel sprouts and broccoli have been the go-to veggies, but kale gained ground in 2011 and 2012.


Monkey bread, also known as pinch-me bread, monkey brains, and African coffee cake

Some coveted items bear unusual names: Monkey bread — which comes under all sorts of culinary aliases like African coffee cake, pinch-me cake, and monkey brains — packs in caramel and cinnamon. Then there are buckeyes (peanut butter and chocolate balls), Oreo balls, dirt cake (from crushed Oreos), coquito (Puerto Rican coconut milk-rum Christmas punch), and haystacks. One popular variation on that last dessert mixes up peanut butter, butterscotch, marshmallows and chow mein noodles.

So who’s eating what, where? A few Christmas Day regional lookups on Yahoo! — and a toast to you, wherever you may nosh:



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